Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

  1. This feature is exclusive for The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited India ('HSBC') Global Private Banking and Premier customers and is brought to you under an arrangement with Thriwe Consulting Pvt Ltd ('Thriwe').
  2. Thriwe will ensure that all tie-ups with the respective golf clubs are in place and provides assurance and represents that there will be no service issues at the golf clubs during the Customers visits to such golf clubs.
  3. HSBC will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage whatsoever that may be suffered, because of availing this feature.
  4. HSBC reserves its absolute right to add, alter, modify, change or vary all or any of these terms and conditions or to replace, wholly or in part, this feature by another feature, whether similar to this feature or not, or to withdraw it altogether at any point in time by providing appropriate intimation to its customers.
  5. HSBC is not making any offer on the products and services provided by Thriwe and does not make any warranties or representation of the quality, merchantability, suitability or availability of the products or services under this feature. Any dispute regarding these must be addressed in writing, by the customer, directly to Thriwe at customer.care@Thriwe.com. Customers waive all rights of claim about the feature against HSBC.
  6. Prior to availing the Offer by availing any services from the respective service provider, the Customer should refer, read, understand, accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the services offered by them, and proceed only if the Customer agrees to abide by the same. The Customer might be required to give personal information and other details. The Customer should read and understand their privacy policy, prior to providing any such information. Any disclosure of information made by the Customer towards availing of or fulfilment of the Offer is at the sole discretion of the Customer and HSBC will not be responsible for the same. The service providers may use the personal information shared by the Customer for any other purpose (like marketing, etc.) and HSBC shall not be held liable for such usage of personal information.
  7. The feature is subject to force majeure events.
  8. Tax liability, if any, will be borne by the customer.
  9. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with this feature shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in Mumbai only. The existence of a dispute, if any, shall not, by itself, constitute any claim against HSBC.
  10. By availing this feature, the customers accept all the afore mentioned terms and conditions in totality.


Golf pass Terms & Conditions

Number of bookings and minimum flight conditions:

  • Golf Pass will be valid for a period of 1 year (calendar year) after which the number of complimentary games and lessons will be reset. 
  • In case you have already registered for the Golf privileges with HSBC, new registration will be required on a one-time basis to avail of the enhanced golfing benefits. The allotted games will be as per the new eligibility.
  • Golf benefits are not applicable to Premier Mastercard Credit Card holders who do not have a Premier or a Global Private Banking account with HSBC. 
  • A customer may only hold one (1) booking on a single day whether for a golf game or a golf lesson. Duplicate and/or multiple golf bookings at one club for a golf game/golf lesson on a single day will neither be processed nor be allowed.
  • Global Private Banking customers can avail unlimited complimentary games and lessons in a year
  • Premier customers (Qualified) can avail up to a maximum of 24 games and 12 lessons per year with a maximum of 2 complimentary games and 2 lessons per month. 
  • Premier customers (Mortgage & Salary qualified) can avail up to a maximum of 6 games and 2 lessons per year with a maximum of 2 complimentary games per month, and 2 lessons per month
  • The guest users are allowed for either games or lessons basis the following conditions:

-Global Private Banking Customers are permitted to get 12 guests in a year

-Premier customers (Qualified) are permitted to get 4 guests in a year. The number of games will be deducted from the allotted count of 24 games in a year.

-Premier customers (Mortgage & Salary qualified) are permitted to get 2 guests in a year. The number of games will be deducted from the allotted count of 6 games in a year.

  • Number of complimentary games/lessons will be updated on the last day of every month basis the criteria met in the previous calendar month. Access to complimentary games will be withdrawn if the defined eligibility criteria has not been met in the previous month. For example, if the eligibility criteria has not been met in January, the number of games/lessons available will be blocked on the last day of February for March.
  • All new to bank customers / existing customers who have upgraded to HSBC Premier will have access to a minimum of 2 games a month in the first 2 months, post which the allotted complimentary games/lessons will be based on meeting the defined eligibility criteria in the previous month. For example, if you have opened your account in January, you will have access to 2 complimentary game/lessons each in January & February. The number of games/lessons available in March will be updated on the last day of February basis the eligibility criteria met in January.
  • All new to bank customers / existing customers who have upgraded to Global Private Banking will have access to unlimited complimentary games/lessons.
  • Unless otherwise prescribed by local club/golf course rules/seasonal rules the minimum flight conditions for weekday rounds of golf is a minimum of two (2) golfers per flight.
  • Unless otherwise prescribed by local club/golf course rules/seasonal rules the minimum flight conditions for Weekend/Holiday rounds of golf is a minimum of three (3) players per flight.
  • The responsibility to pair an individual golfer will solely be at the discretion of the golf club..
  • Other than individual golf game requests, it will be the responsibility of the Customer to fulfil the minimum flight conditions in respect of each booking request, and HSBC /Thriwe will not be responsible to help the customer make up the minimum flight condition numbers.


  • Golf cart is complimentary with the game at the selected golf courses. 
  • Customers are requested to provide their registered mobile number and email address while booking a golf game/golf lesson on the mobile app or on the online portal without which the request will not be processed.
  • For all bookings other than real time bookings, a customer may request a golf booking for a game/lesson, whether on a weekday/weekend or public holiday at least three (3) clear days in advance The date of the booking and the date of play will not be counted in the advance notice. 
  • A customer may be able to place a new booking once all his / her previous bookings have been utilized. In case a customer cancels a booking, or the booking is not confirmed by Thriwe, the customer will be allowed to place a new booking.
  • Access to the driving range prior to tee off is complimentary with free balls up to 1 bucket
  • The caddy fee will be borne by the Customer to be paid at the golf course.
  • You can bring your guests along as per the eligibility at no extra charge for either a game or lesson. However, the games / lessons booked for guests will be deducted from your allotted complimentary games/ lessons. 
  • Requests for golf games will only be accepted for daylight timings that ensure that the start of the golf game must enable completion of eighteen (18) holes of play. Golf booking requests for golf lessons will be accepted as per the local rules and timings available at the club/ driving range/ golf lesson facilities.
  • Golfers must have at least a valid golf handicap or in lieu thereof at clubs/golf course where permissible, a certificate of golfing proficiency issued by a certified and approved golf instructor may be acceptable. All golfers must produce their handicap certificate upon request including as may be requested by the golf concierge prior to the requested day of play.
  • Golf lessons at the various golf clubs/ learning facilities are undertaken by certified golf instructors. Customers may provide their preference for instructors however the instructor will only be assigned as per the availability and arrangement between Thriwe and the golf club/ learning facility.
  • Golf clubs/golf learning facilities and/or golf coaches are neither obliged nor will they entertain any correspondence/enquiries and/or attempts for bookings, whether initial or repeat requests, directly from Customers.
  • Acceptance of all golf booking requests and/or golf lessons timings will be at the discretion of the golf club/golf instructors and subject to availability, and request for changes of timings of confirmed bookings will also be subject to payment of an administrative charge as specified in the Cancellation & Amendment policy.

Cancellations and Amendments

  • Bookings that have been successfully placed on the online portal or on the mobile app cannot be amended or modified by Thriwe / HSBC. Customers who wish to amend their booking will need to cancel their existing booking and place a new booking with the updated details.
  • Cancellations must be made at least one (1) calendar day in advance prior to the date of play or the date of lesson. In the event of late cancellations or no-shows the golf round or lesson would get considered to be utilized. 
  • Bookings once placed at “Prestige Golfshire, Bangalore” cannot be amended or cancelled and the slot will be considered as exhausted.


Golf Club/ Golf Learning Facility Rules & Regulations

  • Customers are not permitted to enter any direct correspondence or communication with any golf club/golf learning facility or with any golf coach for any matters related to this special golf benefits offer.
  • A Customer must abide by all local club rules including COVID safety protocols, club rules, etiquette, playing and handicap restrictions at each golf club/golf learning facility.
  • A Customer must abide by the golf club’s dress code. In general, golfers are not permitted to wear round neck shirts, sleeveless shirts/T-shirts/tops without collars, track pants/joggers, jeans, gym shorts, or sandals/heels/flip flops on the golf course.